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Ann Charlish creates contemporary and functional accessories for everyday use using genuine Harris Tweed, Linen or Felt.

This collection of bags focuses on Harris Tweed. Each piece carries the 'Orb' mark, which guarantees genuine Harris Tweed cloth. This means that the cloth must be spun from 100% pure wool dyed, spun, and handwoven at the home of the weaver and finished in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Inspired by nature, Ann explores pattern and structure through mark making, print and photography. These visual responses are the basis of her pattern design, which is silkscreened onto the Harris Tweed cloth.

Colour is a vital aspect of her work and she embraces eclectic combinations of hues through her choice of fabrics, inks and finishes. Every piece is handcrafted in her studio and celebrates the relationships between colour, pattern and form.

Ann Charlish - sketchesAnn Charlish - PortraitAnn Charlish - Screenprinting
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