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Kyra Cane's pots are inspired by her observations of landscape and weather patterns. They range from large vigorously thrown pieces to small intimate pots, the surface of which is animated by a series of marks and subtle textures. She makes her work in series, being constantly engaged by subtle variations between each form.

‘It is extraordinary to be responsible for producing a finished object from beginning to end.

The materials I use are of the highest quality: porcelain clay, stain, oxides, glaze. but the tools and equipment I use are strong and basic, throwing wheels, wires, scales, brushes and kilns. With these I throw, turn, mark, colour, glaze and fire the pots I make.

There are remnants in these finished vessels of the vast landscapes which have always been my inspiration.’

While Kyra Cane has shown work at prestigious locations worldwide, she is happiest with her sketchbook on a wind-swept clifftop or covered with clay in her workshop in The Harley Studios.

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